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This week’s Shared Topic is brought to us by The Wrathbringer of Metal Up Your WoW and is entitled simply "Refer-a-Friend." Blizzard and the player community are all abuzz at the recent announcement of the Refer-a-Friend program, a system that lets a player earn a unicorn-esque Zhevra mount by encouraging someone they know to sign up and commit to playing for two months. There are a host of other benefits for the two players involved, including:

  • Triple experience when the two characters are grouped.
  • The ability for the new player to "gift" levels to the senior player.
  • The ability for either player to summon the other once per hour.

Reactions from players so far have been pretty mixed with some complaining that it promotes farmers leveling multiple characters more easily and some complaining that they should be entitled to the program without having to sign up for another account. Still, some players have been thinking about how to best exploit the system to easily level one or more new characters to 60 before the release of the expansion. What’s your perspective?

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  • Its not like the feature is totally open to abuse. You need to pay for the accounts, need to spend the time doing it, and it does not hurt other players. It might set the other players at a disadvantage to your new toon, but its not like you’re actually competing with them.

  • I for one welcome our multiboxing overlords.