Shared Topic: What I Will be Doing…

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Following the recent trend of wrath-related posts (sorry Anna), this week’s Shared Topic comes from Delchion of the recently-renamed Delchion’s Place blog. In his own words:

Many folks (including myself) already have an idea in our heads about what we will be doing in the first day or three after Wrath hits. I thought it might be interesting to have folks put it down "on paper" as it were. That way we could reference back to it when writing the inevitable "my first day/ weekend/ week" in Northrend posts.

Might be interesting to see how close or far off we really ended up being. Kind of like a time capsule of expectations we could go back and poke through later. Not to mention it will end up covering ideas for 3 or more posts: what I think now, what really happened, and comparing the two.

Current participants include:

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