Episode 6- Chicks Dig Kodos

This week we have all the ingredients for a great party, one Chick GM, a tip, one shared topic and kodos, lots of kodos.


Episode 5-Patches and Pikes

This week we have the Huntress herself, Pike where we talk about her love of animals, the new patch notes and Anna tells us 9 things your blog needs.


Episode 4- We Like Bear Butts and We Cannot lie

This week we have an epic interview with the Big Bear himself, another great tip from Toomanyannas, kids in raids and a contest!


Episode 3-Who Moved My Matticus?

This week, we discuss the freshness of cheese, get a great tip about RSS Feeds, and dive into the World of Matticus. All the while, trying to discover why dwarves don’t seem to have children.



Episode 2-Hax and Haelz

Welcome to the show

This week, we talk about the Abode Flash security issue, The Hunter’s Mark hack and why Bellwether from 4haelz, secretly loves Moonkins.

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