Episode 248 – I’m Not Finished Training Dummies

This week we welcome Darryl and Rob from The Training Dummies podcast, talk about the Con Before The Storm Kickstarter and our upcoming 7 year anniversary!


Episode 247 – Tauren Around the World

This week we welcome Moogyver from Chaos Portal and the Spare Parts mini-cast.

Twisted News

Token is live. LINK YouTube LINK

Blizzcon tickets go on sale on the 15th at 7pm PT and the 18th at 10am PT LINK

April 22, Benefit Dinner Tickets on sale for $750 – Proceeds go to Children’s […]

Episode 246 – Blog the Diamond

This week we welcome Stubborn from Sheep the Diamond. We have a great interview and discussion on this years Blizzcon!


Episode 245 – Insider to Watch

This week we welcome Alex Ziebart from Blizzard Watch. Join us as we talk about his past life as Editor-in-Chief of WoW Insider to the formation of Blizzard Watch. We even talk about his book, Blood and Masks!


Episode 244 – Robo Graphics

This week we welcome back Zoopercat from Ask Mr. Robot to talk about all the changes to the site and maybe a little preview on things to come. Oh, and we talk a bunch about World of Podcasts and Blizzcon.