Episode 290 – Kicking the Storm

This week Fimlys and Zabine welcome Ceraphus from The Sundering and co-chair of the Con Before the Storm pre-Blizzcon party. Hydra couldn’t make it to the festivities for this show and we all apologize for the buzzing sound coming from Fimlys.

Public Service Annoucement: Con Before the Storm is not held in Mountain Time. […]

Episode 289 – Much Ado About Nothing

Fim, Hydra and Zabby tell stories. Sometimes they are even about WoW. (I know!)


Episode 288 – Legion’s Shadow

A.K.A “Ar-gus Is As Good As Yours”. The hosts talk about the latest patch and their thoughts on the Battle for Azeroth preorder information.


Episode 287 – Ending 17

Fimlys, Hydra, and Zabby talk about 2017.


Episode 286 – Blizzcon For Azeroth

We are back from Blizzcon and Fim, Hydra, and Zabby discuss their favorite things from Con Before the Storm (CBtS) and and the rest of the weekend. The pictures are up at http://www.twistednether.net/blizzcon-2017/