Episode 9-Eyebrows of the Round Table

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eyebrows This Episode Fim’s eyebrows take over the world…well not really, but they are a great party prop. Join us for the first ever TNB LIVE Show!

The Twisted Round Table

Twisted is right! We weathered tech trouble, bad internet, the magnetic power of Fim’s eyebrows, Matt’s failed Hogger ambitions, “Rash of the Itch King” and alt races to come together and have a fantastic time.

Thank you again for everyone who stayed up late to listen to us.

Who were the members of the Twisted Round Table:

Missed the show? Wanna read some of the chat?

02:03 Ash-NV : My landlord’s cat down south turned my computer off twice.
02:03 Jess-5516 : ROFL
02:03 linateg : … o.O
02:03 linateg : -laughs-
02:03 TooManyAnnas : *gigglesnort*
02:03 Loronar : lol
02:04 linateg : Oh, Lordy
02:04 Loronar : dot dot dot
02:04 TooManyAnnas : Your eyebrows in your Video Clip look like Elrond eyebrows.
02:04 Ash-NV : I smell a warlock
02:04 linateg : YES
02:04 linateg : Eyebrows of Doom. <3
02:04 TooManyAnnas : DOOMBROWS!
02:04 Ash-NV : Speaking of which. Here’s a riddle for you all:
02:04 Jess-5516 : Eybrows of the Doomkin?
02:04 Ash-NV : How do you track a warlock?
02:05 TooManyAnnas : connect the dots!
02:05 linateg : Just of your eyebrows…?
02:05 Ash-NV : Correct!
02:05 Loronar : hahahahah
02:05 Loronar : nice
02:05 Aurdon : make your eyebrowse spell “HI” when you take the pic
02:05 linateg : …
02:05 Ash-NV : Who told you? o.o

Want to see more? Download it here.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

16 comments to Episode 9-Eyebrows of the Round Table

  • Be and Fim, I haven’t officially listened to it (well, the edited version), but I’ve gotta say. Was one of the most entertaining nights of this summer. ^^ I’ll listen properly (which is what I’m doing now, ignoring Ratshag’s, actually -coughs- I’ll catch up on seven and eight after this… really…).

  • /sigh Too much discussion about pronouncing my name…

  • Breana

    @Thanks Lin! It was great fun

    @Lor FORGIVE! It is me, not you, me! Think of it this way. I can’t pronounce my aunt last name. Known the woman for 31 years and still can’t say it correctly!

  • Xavier

    Hey guys!
    That was awesome, I really enjoyed it. I listened to it while I was at work, and as I listened I checked out your blogs. Great job, I was entertained and enlightened =)

    p.s. I also did some work while I was at work, but I liked listening to your show better

  • Hey guys!

    I just finished listening to the show. Great Job, what a fantastic way to break up my Alchemy grind.

    I loved the idea of the group forum. Hearing everyone interacting was neat.

    I even got a couple of ideas for blogposts.


  • I hope you all enjoyed listening as much as I enjoyed being on the show, but every bit as much fun was interacting with the texters in BA Chat and the Ustream chat.

    I agree with Lin: One of the most fun nights I’ve had in ages!

  • I agree Kestrel – was a LOT of fun (even if it was really late), and a huge part of that fun was trying to keep up with both of the chats!

  • Whoo I’m famous! That was definitely fun times in the chat.

  • Brilliant ‘cast, as always, just wish I could have been around in chat!


  • Umm… I downloaded it from iTunes last night… started listening to it this morning at work… and I only got the first 35 minutes… you might want to check with the version you guys put up there to see if it needs to be re-upped.

  • Gwil

    I love your show and have been listening since episode 2.
    Someone mentioned that there husband was not a blogger but was a listener, I am in the same boat.
    I would like to blog but alas I have little to write about (maybe just little confidence about what I write).

    I’ll add one to the list of “Don’t do” for blogs:
    Don’t use a custom tag system on your blog. RSS readers cannot read them so most of the people reading your blog get a bunch of nonsense characters in every topic.

    Much Praise.

  • Chicks dig Roundtables too!

    So much fun, Eyebrows of the Doomkin FTW!