Resource Site Spotlight - Authenticators

Who among you has been hacked? Probably not a majority of WoW-users. But now let’s add a layer: who knows someone who has been hacked? In a hypothetical room of WoW players, a lot more hands just went up. Next question, how many of you have had money or materials stolen from your guild bank […]

Resource Site Spotlight - Event Horizon

Some classes have it easy. Back in BC, a Beastmaster hunter could spam Steady Shot constantly and out-dps many other classes. And while Blizzard has taken care to add some complexity to the spec, it remains the “easiest” hunter spec to play admirably (though, like any spec, difficult to fully master). And a quick glance […]

Resource Site Spotlight - WoW Professions

Hello again after the week off. This week’s article is about a resource that I was clued in to recently by an excellent hunter blogger, Darkbrew, over at that has helped me immensely.

My hunter was originally a Skinner/Leatherworker. I could support myself. But at a certain point I got anxious about the superior […]

Resource Site Spotlight - Overachiever

Ever stand around in Dalaran listening to the mindless prattle of Trade chat? Or on top of the Orgrimmar bank? Or wherever Allis congregate en masse to trade Chuck Norris jokes and discuss the varying merits of the ORLY owl vs. the STFU Truck? Ever think that maybe you could be doing something more useful […]

Resource Site Spotlight - World of Logs

If the formatting is sloppy this week, it’s because this is the first post Fimlys isn’t submitting for me. It may take me a while to familiarize myself with the WordPress bells and whistles (edit – thanks to Fimlys for swooping in with the link fixes).

I love Recount. Well, at least when it has […]