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Some classes have it easy. Back in BC, a Beastmaster hunter could spam Steady Shot constantly and out-dps many other classes. And while Blizzard has taken care to add some complexity to the spec, it remains the “easiest” hunter spec to play admirably (though, like any spec, difficult to fully master). And a quick glance at any rotation discussion on the internet will reveal a contempt for the “easy” classes.

For the majority of us, however, we’re watching cooldowns a-plenty, and managing complex rotations.  Even without lag and complex boss mechanics, it can be difficult (Locks and Enhance Shamans come to mind).  This is particularly true for dps classes, but can be said of any class and spec, since tanks and heals often have to ration their spells meticulously as well.  And there’s a lot of ways to manage a rotation beyond just staring at your cast bar.  Today we’re looking at one of the most popular, EventHorizon.

The picture should describe the function of the addon quite well.  It’s a small, handy series of bars that track cooldowns and timers for important abilities.  The tracking is highly customizable, and it can give you advanced notice of powerful abilities or cooldowns that are coming up in the near future.  The white line represents the present, and the bars track the time until an ability will be ready.

This is by no means the only method of managing a rotation, but if you’re not already doing so and would like to, this might be a good place to start.

This entry was a bit later than planned (RL aggro), but I have many installments already planned for the coming weeks.  Among them are some tools for raid leaders, some introductory tips for prospective WoW movie makers, and a look at the often-talked-about Power Auras add-on.  So stay tuned!

(Editorial Comment: Please make sure to virus check your computer after this or any downloads onto your computer. There is no information at publication date that this site or its applications are harmful in any way, but caution should always be exercised.)

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