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Who among you has been hacked? Probably not a majority of WoW-users. But now let’s add a layer: who knows someone who has been hacked? In a hypothetical room of WoW players, a lot more hands just went up. Next question, how many of you have had money or materials stolen from your guild bank by a hacker? A similarly alarming number of hands would remain up.

Authenticators are cheap and easy to use. And they all but ensure you won’t be hacked. Now, the majority of us would never be hacked anyway, so what’s the worry, right? The worry is, I play WoW a lot, and if you’re online reading WoW blogs chances are you play it a lot too. The risk is too great given the amount of time and money we devote to the game.

Twisted Nether has devoted blog and podcast space devoted to raising awareness and concern about account hacking, and the potential benefit of authenticators. And Blizzard has made them accessible to obtain, even waiving shipping costs to keep the cost low.

I was among those who simply ignored the risks, but have had two guildies in less than a month get hacked, both pillaging the player and our guild bank. Blizzard is usually good about returning lost materials, but you sacrifice time and could be crippling your raid or guild bank for a number of days or weeks, and nobody wants that. I’m a dedicated WoW player and have this TN blog with which to spread this valuable message.

Here’s the link:

Mine’s in the mail as I write this. Go get yourself one, and rest easier at night knowing that you aren’t contributing to the filthy hackers who propogate gold buying sites.

2 comments to Resource Site Spotlight – Authenticators

  • /sarcasm Watch out! you get a pet for purchasing this Blizz-store item for a few bucks. People might start harassing you for selling out to big-corporate, like all the negative buzz around the star-pony.

  • Arthemystia

    Meh, I never keep my pets out. Like you said, they seem to take more heat than they should, and I like avoiding needless fluffery (which is why I’m also not a mount collector).

    But hell, for the pet collectors in WoW, that’s just one more reasons to get an authenticator. After all, it can’t be as obnoxious as Lil’ XT…