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Ever stand around in Dalaran listening to the mindless prattle of Trade chat? Or on top of the Orgrimmar bank? Or wherever Allis congregate en masse to trade Chuck Norris jokes and discuss the varying merits of the ORLY owl vs. the STFU Truck? Ever think that maybe you could be doing something more useful during these sequences?

I don’t achievement grind. It’s not related to shooting bosses, so it’s low on my priority list. But we all know someone (or many people) who do. It’s a valid and sometimes entertaining way to spend your time in the game. And in a recent podcast, our dashing Twisted Nether leader Fimlys mentioned an addon that he loves that helps with this endeavor. After trying it out, I can see the appeal, even as someone who isn’t too into achievements. So I wanted to highlight it here for the Overachievers (har!) in the WoW community.

So if the bored Trade chat watcher I mentioned is you, let Overachiever suggest a nearby or easy-to-complete achievement for you.  Other useful features include achievement trackers to show you your progress, as well as in-game tooltips to remind you to do something, such as killing a critter or typing /love for the famous “All the Squirrels…” achievement.

If you like to collect achievements, or just want to make better use of your in-game time, you owe it to yourself to try this out.

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