Resource Site Spotlight - WoW Professions

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Hello again after the week off. This week’s article is about a resource that I was clued in to recently by an excellent hunter blogger, Darkbrew, over at that has helped me immensely.

My hunter was originally a Skinner/Leatherworker. I could support myself. But at a certain point I got anxious about the superior benefits of Jewelcrafting (currently probably the best hunter profession dps-wise), so I dropped skinning.

And now I have two crafting professions with no gathering skills. Expensive, to say the least. But with my Priest alt nearing 80, I decided that I should compliment my Hunter by picking up Skinning and Mining. Now, anyone who has ever played WoW is used to grinding. It’s a necessary evil of the game we love. But it doesn’t mean we have to enjoy grinding, nor that we should do so without help.

Enter WoW Professions:

I am using it for my gathering professions. It provides maps of areas to farm, suggests a route that you follow through the zone, and tells you when you should move on to the next area. No wasted time. For crafting professions, it tells you what to make and when, and exactly how many mats it will cost you. It pretty much eliminates the frustrating green-colored recipes that may or may not level you up another point.

The site suggests you use the popular add-on Gatherer in conjunction with their guides, though there are other add-ons that can perform the same task admirably. Used together, however, they can save you loads of time and make grinding more tolerable.

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