Shared Topics: Future Cataclysm content patches and Your Favorite Weapon

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Yay! Two Shared Topics! What a fantastic way to end the weekend!

The first Shared Topic, from two weeks ago (I left it open an extra week since it was such a good topic and I was hoping to read more posts on it- yes I’m selfish like that) was suggested by Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall. He got us thinking about future content patches and what we were hoping to see from. The timing ended up being perfect since the 4.1 PTR notes were released right at the end of the Topic.

Although players are still busy digging through all of the Cataclysm raid and heroic content, some are already starting to wonder what we’ll see added to the game in the 4.1 patch and beyond. While we have some hints, what do you expect to see added over the life of the expansion? How many patches? How many new dungeons? What will happen to your favorite professions? And how will the expansion’s storyline continue to unfold — and which loose ends will be wrapped up by the time the 5.0 patch is released?

Speculating were:

Aliera from The Violet Scribe

TwilliK from The Arcane Envoy

Rustbeard from Little Blue Dog

Beniffer from Blind Deaf Mute

And this week’s Shared Topic was an old favourite, causing an eruption of weapon appeal analysis. Kallixta of Kallixta’s Notes was the suggester.

I was comparing a new upgrade to my older item when it struck me how much I liked my old item. Like is wonderfully subjective and I hope others will explain their measure.

Is your favorite weapon something with strong memories for you? Is it something that just works well for RP purposes? Or maybe the balance of abilities meshes better than normal to your spec and play style?

Sharing their favorites are:

Kallixta from Kallixta’s Notes (who also wrote an RP version)

Larisa from The Pink Pigtail Inn

Garona from PvE Rogues

Val from Honeymint Tea

Aliera from The Violet Scribe

Hadrimda from Hadrimda’s Blog

Amaranth from Specced for Drama

Halophoenix from Azeroth Metblogs

Sarindre from Through the Eyes of a Tree

Kamalia from Kamalia et alia

Saz from World of Saz

And for the upcoming week, get ready for some factions heat! The Horde, are they becoming the “evil” side of WoW? As the tale of Azeroth unfold, they’re more and more depicted as merciless killers. Do we sense a good vs evil fight between Allience and Horde coming up? Blog about it and share a link to your post with us at Blog Azeroth!

As for future topics, get ready for:
Favorite Profession
Is the Horde close to conquering Azeroth?
Favourite Race

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