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[insert class/spec here] is overpowered!

[insert class/spec here] needs to be buffed!

How many times have we heard this? For me, too many to count, and enough to induce nausea. Frankly I am of the opinion that a raid environment would function far better if meters were only visible to the raid leader. And this is quite hypocritical of someone who prided himself on min/maxing every last detail of his Rogue in an attempt to be at the top of the meters throughout ToGC and ICC, spending hours pouring over sims and spreadsheets to eek out the last drop of dps possible.

However, despite hanging up my daggers (for now at least) and taking up the mantle of a healer, I still know how much dps plays a role in Warcraft endgame raiding. And the discussion will never end of “what spec is the top dps”. State of DPS exists for one reason only. To parse out the data from World of Logs and take a weighted average of the top 200 DPS’ers in the world and chart their numbers, to show what is the overall top damage spec, and on specific fights.

It isn’t fancy. It isn’t flashy. It is simple, clean, and efficient in what it gives us. For me, it does bring a sad Ril tear to my eye to see that Subtlety Rogues are by far and away the lowest damage producing spec in the game. I miss the days of Burning Crusade Shadowstep Swords PvP more than I could ever explain… but alas…

So yes, State of DPS is simple. It gives us the current state of dps in World of Warcraft high end progression raiding. Should you feel bad that you are not producing the numbers listed here? NO. If you do, let me reach out through the inter-nether and smack you. However, this could give reasoning to why that Shadow Priest in your guild is creaming you on the meters, despite you having slightly better gear.

Especially if you are the poor fool still trying to raid as Subtlety spec.

I tip my hat to you, sir.



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