Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Please Feed The Troll

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Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join me in welcoming Mystic from Please Feed the Troll!

Mystic started his WoW career back when he had to walk uphill both ways to get to MC (it’s true, I tell you!), finding his way to the horde at the assistance of his housemate. He started his adventures in WoW studying the ways of da’ voodoo and the arcane, which is really just a fancy way of saying that he opted to play a troll mage! Of course, all those uphill walks (both ways!) to MC wore his tired troll feet out, and he started to wonder what it would be like if he could heal those poor tired feet himself, and from there a priest was born. Throughout all of Vanilla he found that he was not only raiding and healing, but also running a guild. Eventually running himself out of mana in real life, and finding the need for a break.

Mystic played a touch of The Burning Crusade, and a touch Wrath, but between the content and lack of his original guildmates, he found it really challenging to step back into the game, especially with a very hectic work schedule. Fast forwarding to the present, Mystic has found that he has a bit of time to game again, and is loving Cataclysm. He’s still playing that priest, in case you were wondering! And loving every minute of it. He plays strictly casually now, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying everything that they game has to offer! His decision to blog about his experiences this go around is twofold. Firstly he wanted to try the art of blogging just to see if he enjoyed it (he does!), and secondly he wanted a place to document his experiences as a casual gamer in WoW (but don’t worry – he can’t give up that pesky theory crafting).

Mystic touches on a number of great topics over at Please Feed the Troll, such as a look at being an Alt-o-holic and learning to love the Auction House. He also explores whether or not recycling content is nostalgic goodness of developer laziness, and offers a great discussion on leadership characteristics and what makes people tick (seriously fantastic read).

Not to be outdone with the bevy of great topics already offered, Mystic also has an idiots guide to Simulation Craft as well as a guide on how to utilize the data you get from simluations. And if that isn’t enough, you can also check out his fantastic Shadow Priest Guide! He is also open to conversation about how it’s not easy to be a priest these days. You will also find a good bit of Shadow Priest theory crafting if you poke around enough!

Not into priests, auction houses or simulating? Hey no worries! Mystic’s still got plenty of things that still might interest you, like his fascination with llamas or his thoughts on Dungeon Finder Personalities. You can also learn a bit more about Mystic’s WoW History, which is intriguing in and of itself. Really, no matter who you are or what you are into, you can’t help but be drawn into Mystic’s writing and thoughts!

I don’t know about you, but I am sure looking forward to hearing more from Mystic!

Mystic is off to a great start, and I can’t see where he’s headed next! Why don’t we all pull up our Llamas, Camels and Alpacas and ride along beside him as he entertains us on his journey. Welcome to the blogosphere, Mystic!

Every Tuesday, Beruthiel from Falling Leaves and Wings is bringing you the Welcome Wagon, introducing new bloggers and great reads. If you know of a new blog to the scene or wish to get your name out there, please send an email to, with the subject line “Welcome Wagon.” She’ll do her best to highlight as many as possible!

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