Blizzcon 2009

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Unfortunately Blizzcon ’09 is over.. But we have a lot of great photos and videos of the convention available at our Flickr Stream and on Fimlys’ Youtube page. If you have images or posts you’d like us to list here, send us email! Below is an embedded video of the Intro of Cataclysm, the new WoW Expansion..

Blizzcon will be in Anaheim California on August 21-22 at the Anaheim Convention center.

We’re going to be there! Not only that, we’re having a meetup on Friday night.

When? Friday, August 21 at 9pm PST

Where? At the patio of the Tangerine restaurant which is part of the Annabella Hotel. (map to restaurant)

Who will be there?
Fimlys of Asleep at the Wow and Co-Host of TNB (@Fimlys)
Nibuca of Mystic Chicanery and Co-Host of TNB (@Nibuca)
Brajana of Mend Pet(@Brajana)
Brigwyn of The Hunting Lodge(@Brigwyn)
Sideshow and Syrana of Sideshow and Syrana (@Syrana)
Saresa of Destructive Reach (@Saresa)
Matt from Outlandish Podcast (@Outlandishcast)
Tristan and Andrew from The Elitists Podcast (@TheElitists)
Hydrargyrum of Almost Evil (@hydrawr)
Tigorasou of The Druid Team (@Tigorasou)
Kiki who is ever so important! (@kikirowr)
Mike Schramm of (@mikeschramm)
Ratshag of Need More Rage (@Ratshag)
Spooner of Spooncraft (@Spoonwolf)
Leiandra of Zanderfin’s Wow “Casual” Raiding
Arrens of Through the Eyes of Death (@Arrens)
Turpster of Massively (@The_T)
Defkon From (@Epicwinscom)
Molsan from Molsan Method (@Molsan)
Highreclaimer of Confused Souls (@Highreclaimer)
Tigerslim from Malfurion
Patrick from French Spin (@NotPatrick)
Kat Hunter from DirecTV (@kathunter)
TCM of The Altoholic (@BinaryMuse)
iTZKooPA, blogger at ProjectLore
Brutaliz representing the Rawrcast Show (@Brutaliz)
The Spagnuolo’s from The Wood Whisperer
“At Least 5” Members of the team. (@cursenetwork)
Jeff Reitman, Standup Comic/”WoWhead”.
Shawndra of The Escapist Scrawl (@Shawndra)
Lodurzj from World of Matticus (@Lodurzj)
Matticus from World of Matticus (@Mattycus)
Mconniff from Arathor
Greyseer from LoreCrafted, Netherbane, and Hearthstone tavern (@greyseer)
Thatshot and others of the Drunken Parrot guild from the Stormrage server (@katkami)
Jon and Shelbi from The Bronze Kettle
Shawn Coons from How I WoW (@shawncoons)
Brem from Bremm’s Musings
Depri and Deathghar

it could be Your Name Here!

Email or twitter @TwistedNether and let us know and we’ll add you to the list.


We will have door prizes. These will be given away in a “ticket in the hat” style random drawing. You must be present to win! We’re not sure on the timing of the giveaways, but we should have more information either soon, or at the event! If you have a prize you’d like to give away at our Meetup, let us know. You will have to have some way of getting it to us before we leave for the ‘con unless you are going to be there (which works better).

Here are the things we have to give away so far!

  • TNB Blizzcon TShirts (2)
  • TCG Prizes (Loot Cards, Packs, etc)
  • 90 day WoW Card courtesy of the Rawrcast Show
  • Stuff provided by the Outlandish Podcast
  • At least 5 4GB USB Cards with cool stuff from
  • more more more.. I think..