TNB Live Saturday 6/4 – Klepsacovic

We are pleased to welcome Klepsacovic from Troll Racials are Overpowered . If you have any questions please make sure to send them in prior to showtime to or bring them to the chatroom!

  • When is it?: This live show is scheduled for Saturday, June 4th at 8pm PT (11pm ET). Not sure what time that is for you? Use this handy-dandy time converter!
  • Where do I go? To participate on the live show, you will need to go to the TNB Live Show page to connect with the stream. See, totally easy. If you are having issues then go to the Ustream page. Don’t forget to register/login to UStream so you can chat with us!
  • Some general ground rules:
    1. Be nice. If you say very inappropriate things be aware you will be kicked from the room. We are doing this to have a great time, come with a beer, come during a raid, come how you wish, just don’t come to cause trouble.
    2. You may ask questions to the participants during the show, but we reserve the right to use them if and when we can. We will be monitoring the chat room and if we can we will use the comments during the show. We love that you are with us, but we will have to weave them in. Even if it isn’t asked, we all appreciate your questions!

Outside of that, we will love to have you join us and partake in an enlightening discussion that is sure to follow! Hope to see you there!

Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Interface

Despite the fact that Curse gets a great deal of attention, and I point a finger at myself for this (see the Addonation segment at the close of each TNB show), there is a very viable alternative source for World of Warcraft addons out there on the internetherz…

And that source is WoW Interface (

My biggest pull to Curse over WoW Interface was always that I preferred the UI of Curse. However, WoW Interface has clearly and markedly increased the quality of their UI and to say the least, I think it’s beautiful! It’s simple, yet attention grabbing, great colors, and well laid out.

I certainly intend to feature WoW Interface in my Addonation segments for the podcast moving forward and I encourage all of you to head to WoW Interface to “shop” for your addons and UI mods as well. This is a site that is showing that they understand the community and our needs.

Cheers & Truly,

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Shared Topic Extravagansa! 3 Topics!

This time I’ve accumulated quite a bit of backlog. I expected the past month to be rough, but not as extreme as it turned out to be, otherwise I would have found someone fill in for the Shared Topics. But it’s all over: studying, exams and graduation formalities are things of the past. I’m hoping that means I’ll have my Sundays back to write all about Shared Topics.

If you’ve suggested or participated in a Topic over the past month, today is your day of glory!

The first topic we’re going to look at was suggested by Shadowfox of Death Knights Don’t Blog and invited us to speculate about possible future classes:

What are your ideas for the next class in an upcoming expansion?

Sharing their speculations were:

Typhoonandrew from TyphoonAndrew’s Eye of the Storm

Violet Scribe from The Violet Scribe

Akabeko from Red Cow Rise

Amerence from Amerence Love WoW

Amaranth from Specced for Drama

Our next Topic was a brilliant idea, courtesy of Amerence of Amerence Love WoW, concerning a subject matter near and dear to my heart:

If you are an mmo gamer/world of warcraft player, just curious what you eat while playing the game in real life… I know there are times that we do munch something while playing an online game, So I like you to name Top 5 favorite food you like that suits your taste while gaming, draw like a pyramid or anything you can think of (be artistic in this category, or put pictures of food if you want) and explain why?

Revealing their consumables stock were:

Amerence from Amerence Love WoW

Violet Scribe from The Violet Scribe

Kamalia from Kamalia et alia

Edenvale from The Gamer’s Fridge

Solitudeone from Moonkin Journeys

Martha from

Lyrra from Stands in Life’s Fire

And last but not least, Blacksen of Blacksen’s End suggested a Topic that extended to the World of MMOs:

If you didn’t have to worry about finance, what MMO would you make? What lessons would you take from WoW or other games? What would you do to attract players?

Getting creative were:

Blayze from Tank Out of Water

Violet Scribe from The Violet Scribe

Jaedia from Jaedia’s Menagerie

If you want to see your name here and be part of a Shared Topic, head over to Blog Azeroth to read about this week’s Topic: reactions and opinions about Blizzards current or announced or prospective premium services. Blog your thoughts and leave a link to your post in the thread at BA!

Episode 131 – Molsan Madness

Molsan This week we welcome another podcast host, Molsan from the Molsan Method podcast. Molsan produces what some call a ‘mini-podcast’ generally clocking in at less than 10 miuntes. Can you imagine if TNB was less than 10 minutes? We also have the usual News, Views and Voices.

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— Continue reading Episode 131 — Molsan Madness —

Netherhood Welcome Wagon – WTS Heals

Hello Everyone!  I’d like you to join me in welcoming Lunarsoul of WTS Heals.

Lunarsoul started playing WoW during the twilight of The Burning Crusade. While his original focus was in the ways of the arcane, it wasn’t long before the darker callings of priesthood caught his attention. Of course, after that it wasn’t long until he saw the light and decided to study in the ways of the holy. After seeing the PvP side of the game, Lunarsoul decided to see what PvE had to offer and raided his way through WotLK. He is currently still healing his way through Cataclysm!

Over at WTS Heals Lunarsoul explores a number of interesting topics, such as The Benefits of Gnome Racials and The Great Priest Mastery Debate. He also explores unleashing his inner shadow priest via smite and the different styles of healing disc priest might use in this tier of raid content. Lunarsoul helps you out by discussing way to maximize your mana as both Holy and Discipline.

My poor, neglected priest is floating somewhere around level 80 still, but I know that I’ll be in great shape when she starts to explore Cataclysm thanks to Lunarsoul’s insights! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to read more! Welcome to the blogosphere, Lunarsoul!


Every Tuesday, Beruthiel from Falling Leaves and Wings is bringing you the Welcome Wagon, introducing new bloggers and great reads. If you know of a new blog to the scene or wish to get your name out there, please send an email to, with the subject line “Welcome Wagon.” She’ll do her best to highlight as many as possible!