Episode 263 – Half Twinked Out

twinkies It is official! Zabine (Zabby) is coming on board and we could not be happier! Our new co-host has been announced and since we have never interviewed her, (WHAT?) that’s what we do. We also talk about the pre-expansion patch and pre-launch events (a bit).

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Episode 262–Big Screen Round Table

Warcraft-Movie-Banner-01 A spoilerific Round Table with Fimlys, Hydra, Rilandune, and Zabine. We look at casting, characters, story line, the world building, music, and our impressions of the scenes from the movie.

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Episode 261 – Kickstart My Part(y)

cbts2016 This week we welcome Xia from The Sundering Podcast and one of the organizers of Con Before the Storm 2016, a Pre-Blizzcon Party. We talk about the Kickstarter and the party itself.

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Episode 260 – Hearthabout

cover170x170 This week we welcome Blisterguy, the creator of the Walk to Work Hearthstone podcast. We have a great discussion on Hearthcast, Magic: The Gathering (I know!) and just about everything else. Long interview but we could have kept talking to him for another couple of hours, I’m sure.

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Episode 259 – Hearthstoning

unnamed This week we welcome David Troy from the NetFreaks podcast. We hang out and talk about Hearthstone!

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