Wiki Tiki Utility: Pug Checker

A day late, but never a dollar short, the Wiki Tiki Utility has arrived to distract you from the fact that Fim’s still editing the podcast entertain, inform, and enlighten you. This week we’re focusing on a site that’s so easy to use that a caveman could use it (after, of course, he [...]

Wiki Tiki Utility: Path of a Hero

A wise man once told me, the journey is as important as the destination, if not moreso. Well, it may have not been a wise man, but the advice still stands. Everyone, including your level 80 raiding toon decked out in the phattest of lewtz and your Warlord-title-sporting spike-covered undead rogue, started out the [...]

Wiki Tiki Utility: Loot Rank

Does this sound like you? “Oh man, do I want this helmet or that helmet? What’s my best bet for a ranged slot item? Where does that danged polearm even come from, anyway?!” Well, fellow WoW players (at least I hope you’re playing WoW… I don’t think you have a ranged slot in [...]

Wiki Tiki Utility: El’s Extreme Anglin’

With patch 3.1′s new fishing dailies giving adventurer-fishers everywhere a shot at bags of fishing treasures (some valuable, some useful, some both), there’s never been a better time for WoW characters to put down that polearm and pick up that pole… fishing pole, that is. “But Stop,” I can hear some of you saying, “I [...]

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