Shared Topic: Being Aware of your Surroundings During Raids

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We have all been there, whether it be on the dying side or the ‘watch what you are doing!’ side.  Void zones.  Fire walls.  Other massive blobs of certain doom that appear on the screen.  One thing that people always get irate about is people not watching their surroundings during raids, so it is a very popular topic that Lissanna from Restokin has suggested for this week.

As a raid healer, a common thing these days is trying to balance keeping everyone in your raid alive, while still being able to move when you need to (ie. having the right amount of situational awareness to your surroundings during raids).
I thought it would be neat to see how all the classes (even tanks and DPS) handle the multi-tasking that is required during raids. Do tanks and DPS sometimes have tunnel vision and forget to watch for the AOE effects or whatever they need to move out of? How do other healers deal with avoiding the tunnel vision problem?

Contributing to the anti-tunnel vision cause are the following

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Some really great contributions this week, with plenty of food for thought for those of us (not me, I swear!) who are a bit prone to, um… standing on the black puddles of doom.  Remember to keep the contributions coming!  Visit the BlogAzeroth forums to read past posts, make your own contributions and suggest your own topics!

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    great read for all of the POVs, lets have some more shared topics soon!