Episode 271 – Two Goats and Lagging Balls

Thyst and Thorn from Lagging Balls podcast. If you are looking for a Horde guild on a US PVP server they are Blood of the Scribe: Boulderfist-US Horde PvP.


Episode 270 – A View to a Blizzcon

Rilandune joins Fimlys, Hydra, and Zabby for a Post Blizzcon chat.


Episode 269 – Death by Fishing

Join Hydra, Zabby and Fimlys in our final show before Blizzcon 2016! We talk a little more Blizzcon and some Legion 7.1! (TLDR: Fimlys likes blue eyes. Hydra dies repeatedly by fishing. Zabby cannot believe she agreed to podcast with these people.)


Episode 268 – Hearthcon

This week we welcome Rewt and Freckleface of Hearthcast to talk about the upcoming Blizzcon 2016, the tenth Blizzcon! We talk about what to pack, what to expect, some of the items on the schedule and, of course, info on the Con Before the Storm party on Thursday night at the Hilton.


Episode 267 – Stream the World

Fimlys, Hydra, and Zabby head out to dps two new dungeons in Legion. They are tanked and healed by members of Hydra’s guild Sleepless. Listen closely when we go into Heroic Vault of the Wardens and things get real.

Here is our Stream VOD


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