Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Dig Site

Diggers of the dirt, finders of the fossils, surveyors of the sands – I promised you in a previous Spotlight that I would feature an Archaeology site as soon as I found one. Thanks to our good friends Medros and Shade, hosts of the All Things Azeroth podcast, for mentioning this site in a recent […]

Resource Site Spotlight – ZAM (Allakhazam)

The World of Warcraft community has always found things they latch onto, from particular sites, to blogs, podcasts, and even E-RP hangouts (I have not set foot in Goldshire for 2 years and I turn off general chat, just in case, anytime I step foot in Elwynn Forest – I suggest you do the […]

Resource Site Spotlight –

Admit it, you love non-combat pets.

I see you buddy, yeah you, in the second row, shaking your head. We all know that when no one is looking you summon your pet turtle Speedy and speak in a “baby voice” while feeding him Papa Hummel’s Pet Biscuits.

Who could possibly look upon the face […]

Resource Site Spotlight – Wowpedia: Archaeology Article

It may seem a bit lazy, unorthodox perhaps, to feature the same resource two weeks in a row. Truthfully, that is more than likely correct. However, I am featuring Wowpedia two weeks in a row for good reason, as this week spotlights a very particular article that is close to my heart.

I weep daily […]

Resource Site Spotlight – Wowpedia (Formerly WoWWiki)

A World of Warcraft resource site by any other name… does it still pwn as sweet?

Yep, badly botched William S. quote/joke there. Sorry, won’t let it happen again.

WoWWiki was a long-standing resource site that read similarly to, yet distinguishably different from, WoWHead, enough to be of equal value but with a different […]

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