Resource Site Spotlight – Wowpedia (Formerly WoWWiki)

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A World of Warcraft resource site by any other name… does it still pwn as sweet?

Yep, badly botched William S. quote/joke there. Sorry, won’t let it happen again.

WoWWiki was a long-standing resource site that read similarly to, yet distinguishably different from, WoWHead, enough to be of equal value but with a different feel and flavor. I personally went to WowWiki more for information on in-game characters, stories, lore, the backend and reasoning behind quests. WoWHead for me was always more of a raw data site on quests, items, locations, etc.

Recently WoWWiki switched their format to the “Wikia” style, because the site was part o the “Wikia” network. Nerd-rage ensued, the masses cried out, shouting from the rooftops of Booty Bay, “We want our WoWWiki site back to the way it was!!!” And behold, the fine folks at WoWWiki responded, and created Wowpedia. It is a mirror image of WoWWiki in terms of content, but the layout is purely old school WoWWiki without the “Wikia” styling and formating.

I know, this isn’t the most exciting spotlight, however it is certainly worth mentioning as WoWWiki has always been an invaluable asset to the community and the fact that they handled the nerd-rage incident with such grace and elegance was certainly newsworthy.

Head on over to for all your lore and knowledge needs. Make sure to bring the kids, they have pony rides. Not really. *Insert requisite Ghostcrawler Pony joke here*



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  • pcj

    Hi, thanks for the kind words. Just wanted to point out the name is Wowpedia, not WoWPedia. Thanks again!

  • You are quite welcome. My apologies, I’ll make the change right now. I tend to capitalize letter within names such as those to emphasize the word breaks, so to speak.