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It may seem a bit lazy, unorthodox perhaps, to feature the same resource two weeks in a row. Truthfully, that is more than likely correct. However, I am featuring Wowpedia two weeks in a row for good reason, as this week spotlights a very particular article that is close to my heart.

I weep daily for the loss of Path of the Titans in Cataclysm. That feature above all others had me from the moment I heard the words. If all else went away -raiding, battlegrounds, amazing quests, all the features of this game we call WoW that I love dearly- if that all went away Path of the Titans would keep me logging in every minute of my allotted gaming time. Alas, we have ourselves a Warcraft dodo.

What has peaked my interest now, that is somewhat similar to my long-lost-titan-love? Archaeology!

That’s right, I am going to be Dr. Alan Grant! Diggin’ in the dirt, finding bones and ancient treasures, deducing that the reason the dinosaurs are able to mate in the wild is because their DNA was being spliced with that of a breed of frog that is able to change its own gender in times of gender-displacement among the frog population…

In truth, there is nothing about Cataclysm that does not cause me to get all geeked out and giddy. Archaeology just happens to be one that is truly something every player can, and should, participate in and master. Something that adds a great deal of depth to the game while not changing the balance in the least. I have long found it to be quite shameful that more players do not engage in the secondary professions. I absolutely love fishing and cooking, particularly the dailies, which in Wrath took on a fantastic mechanic. Archaeology is absolutely going to be something I recommend to everyone I speak to, in game and out.

Now, for the spotlight: Wowpedia has this fantastic article up on the Archaeology profession. I am quite certain that once the expansion launches next week there will be several sites dedicated to the profession, along the lines of the ever-famous El’s Anglin’. Until that day comes, and certainly after that, Wowpedia has created a great resource for the beginnings of this new profession -what is known at this point, pre-Cataclysm expansion- that is worth every players time to read.

In edition to that resource I would highly recommend watching this video by everyone’s favorite cynical brit, Totalbiscuit:

Cataclysm Beta – Archaeology



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  • pcj

    Gah, you linked to WoWWiki on the Path of the Titans links >.<

    But yeah, definitely missing that feature.

  • Link fixed.

    I am not exaggerating when I tell you I shed a tiny little geek-tear every time I hear Path of the Titans mentioned. Archaeology is going to be the shoulder upon which those tears fall. ^.^