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Diggers of the dirt, finders of the fossils, surveyors of the sands – I promised you in a previous Spotlight that I would feature an Archaeology site as soon as I found one. Thanks to our good friends Medros and Shade, hosts of the All Things Azeroth podcast, for mentioning this site in a recent episode, I have found one, so to speak.

WoW Dig Site is content rich, well laid out, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye. It is quite literally everything I wanted to see in an Archaeology resource site. The posts are informative, written well, feature great screenshots and photo’s. There is a great deal of news relating to the profession, to addons concerning the profession, and to the general Archaeology community.

The content creator, Uriah, has done a fantastic job with this site and has given a great deal of consideration to the overall layout and design of the site, in addition to the content, which is the hallmark of a good, well-rounded web 2.0 (I actually hate this terminology) website.

If nothing else, you owe it to yourselves to check out WoW Dig Site for the guides Uriah has written. They do well to explain the profession and it’s “ins and outs” to avoid those unfortunate frustrations at the beginning of learning any profession and not fully grasping the mechanics. So whether or not you plan on leveling your Archaeology, you truly should head over to WoW Dig Site, just to get a taste for what this amazing new secondary profession in the World of Warcraft can do for you in game.

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