Shared Topic: When Should a Healer Let Someone Die?

It’s the (relatively) age old question that Ecclesiasticaldisc from Ecclesiastical Discipline brought up for last week’s Shared Topic: is it ever ok for a healer to let someone die?

[…] wondering how other healers feel. Where do you draw the line on shifting the priority of someone’s heals down (or refusing to heal them […]

Shared Topic: Worldcup Warcraft

For last week’s Shared Topic, Pndrev of Primetime Casual came up with a highly imaginative and very actual topic: Worldcup Warcraft!

With the football world cup approaching quickly, nations around the globe get hyped up in a frenzy, waving flags, painting their faces in national colours and generally acting crazy.

In contrast to that, […]

Shared Topic: What Needs to Die in a Fire in Cataclysm?

The Cataclysm is getting closer with each passing day and our Shared Topics have become increasingly more and more about the expansion. This week was no different as Spinks from Welcome to Spinksville! suggested we talk about things we believe need to change, or, erm, die in a fire with the rest of old […]

Shared Topic: Conquering the Pre-Expansion Slump

It’s that time of expansion! Where you don’t want to do anything more exciting than running circles around Dalaran until the next addition to the game is released. Yet some of us still manage to find the motivation to go on, and keep our interest in the game. Want to know our secrets? Check […]

Shared Topic: Getting Ready for Cataclysm... or Are You?

This week you get two Shared Topics for the price of one! That’s right! Today’s your lucky day!

So I’ve been a bit fail these days with the Shared Topics write ups. While moving and backpacking doesn’t affect my ability to keep on top of Blog Azeroth stuff, apparently working full time does. I […]