Shared Topic: Worldcup Warcraft

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For last week’s Shared Topic, Pndrev of Primetime Casual came up with a highly imaginative and very actual topic: Worldcup Warcraft!

With the football world cup approaching quickly, nations around the globe get hyped up in a frenzy, waving flags, painting their faces in national colours and generally acting crazy.

In contrast to that, the rather serene atmosphere of Azeroth, where everybody is waiting for something big to happen, something Cataclysmic. Now imagine: What if, instead of laying waste to two continents, Deathwing actually came up and said “Let’s determine which race of Azeroth is best once and for all – by having the World Cup of Warcraft!”

Faction rivalries are set aside, each race is on it’s own, supporters are flooding to the capitals and embarking in ships to see their teams play.

Which race would win the Cup, and how?
Which crowd favourite dark horse would face them in the finals?
Which seemingly unbeatable team gets sent home after a devastating and surprising defeat in the first round?

Note: For fluff reasons you may include Worgen, Goblins, Murlocs, Dark Irons, Gnolls and whatever else seems to make up a large enough demographic while being reasonably intelligent.

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