Resource Site Spotlight – Undermine Journal Revisited

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Back in Feb. of 2011 we featured The Undermine Journal as an RSS early in it’s lifespan. Since then The Undermine Journal has remained consistent but has become very feature rich and worth every second you spend reading the site.

There is a specific “Journal” for every realm including each faction and even spotlighting the neutral market!

The reason I’m re-RSS’ing this post is because Mists of Pandaria is nigh. Time to start building up that supply of gold to help you level your characters, level their professions, or whatever it is you crazy kids use in-game gold for these days.

Make some gold, send some to me on Emerald Dream (US) to say thank you, and the world will be a brighter place.

Oh! And they have an Addon too! The Undermine Journal Addon



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