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It is always my intention to find resources each week that are useful to every reader. Or at the least, I try to convince you that it is indeed useful even if you do not collect pets, or participate in PvP. This week however, I care not for whether it is useful to everyone, because this resource is so good you are a fool for not using it.

First off, I need to thank a friend of mine for turning me on to this site by linking it in her twitter feed. Liala (@DiscoPriest) who is the writer/creator of Disciplinary Action, posted a tweet about todays Resource Site Spotlight – The Undermine Journal, and I have been fascinated with this site ever since. (PS. I’m still waiting for that revenge you swore upon me in photoshop form ^.^ )

The Undermine Journal (still in beta though functioning brilliantly in my mind) is a newspaper written for the player of the Auction House in World of Warcraft. It features articles and stories pertaining to the WoW economy, but most of all it boasts a feature that will allow for the searching of the Auction House on each US realm for goods and buyers, giving amazing statistics on the search queries and generating GRAPHS! Now you tell me, what geek worth her salt does not smile at the site of a graph like these:

Now, I don’t know about you, but seeing items broken down with that degree of information makes me want to log in immediately onto my bank alt (pictured in last weeks article) and get down and dirty with the AH. The Undermine Journal can provide graphs like these, and more (I didn’t want to post every image or graph, but yes there is more) for apparently every item sold on your local Auction House. Again the site still is in beta, but it appears to be functioning, at least to me, as well as can be expected.

The amazing thing is how well polished it is. I am blown away at the detail every function has been given and the fit and finish the site shows. It’s formatted beautifully, and has a better online newspaper feel than most online newspapers. I cannot help but wonder at how much better the site will get when the developers peel off the beta label.

I cannot say enough how easily navigable The Undermine Journal is, and how streamlined the entire experience feels. Even if you are a casual tinkerer on the Auction House, you can benefit greatly from this site and the amazing information it puts at your fingertips, or mouse pointer, as it were.

Take it from me, you owe it to your bank alt to use this site for your AH research, in conjunction with the ever-popular auctioneer addon of course. If the realms were up currently, I would be on there hawking my goods right now.

Again the site is The Undermine Journal, and for an even greater look at the inner-workings of this fine site you can check out the developer blog here:



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