Episode 88 - Twisted Newsday

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If you didn’t remember, we moved our LIVE recording day to Tuesday nights (same time/channel). However, not only did a bunch of people forget about the change… We forgot to get a guest! OMG! It’s just Fim and Nib.. Or is that Nim and Fib? Anyway, your co-hosts spend a hefty amount of time discussing the news this week. The iPhone/Pod/Pad Application is updated with Beta AH functionality! Blizzcon Tickets go on sale June 2 and June 5. PTR 3.3.5 Is Open.. And sooo much more.. It might be shorter than usual, but it is NO less packed with vitamins and minerals! We guarantee…


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General News

HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!! iPhone AH app launches beta (link)

MMO-Champions slams the lid back down on Alpha. I guess Blizz asked nicely.

Fim was on Women of Warcraft – Audio Show – Ep. 10 with Molly.. Yes.. I know I’m not a Woman.. It was a fun time.. I was her FIRST Guest Host evar!!! (link)
Catch Fim on WowTitans Podcast

BLIZZCON!!!! Couple of weeks until the tickets go on sale!
BlizzCon 2010 tickets will be on sale Wednesday June 2nd at 7:00 p.m. PDT and Saturday June 5th at 10:00 a.m. PDT according to a Blizzard Press release. BlizzCon 2010 will be taking place October 22nd and 23rd in Anaheim, California. Tickets are $150 each.

PTR is open and 3.3.5 is testing. It’s got the Ruby Sanctum. They have specific times/days they are testing that out. 3 mini-bosses and 1 main boss like Obsidian Sanctum but no Sarth +1/2/3 stuff.. Normal/Hard 10/25 modes..
3.3.5 also has RealID.. We talked about that previously so.. We’ll (maybe) skip it for now until we see any changes in it.

Cataclysm Beta Opt-in is now active. So, make sure your beta opt-in information is up to date and you have the Warcraft Universe beta optin checked off.. Go to your battle.net account and click the beta opt-in link on there if you haven’t already (well, and if you want to possibly be included in the beta)… (link)

BRK is back.. Kinda.. He’s blogging on his old site again.. And, according to him, anyway, he’s in tight with Ghostcrawler and Blizzard asked him to be in the Alpha test! No, he’s not breaking the NDA, just dropping hints all over the place! If nothing else, it’s fun having his wit back in the ‘sphere for a little while.

Professions Preview! (link)
More information about the changes to professions coming with Cataclysm.

2nd Issue of the World of Warcraft Magazine is out.

Hot Topics from the Nether!

Armchair Designer: Blizzard Wants Hunter Pet Feedback (Mania’s Arcania) (link)
Don’t Be That Guy (Magerly Different) (link)
How to play if you have been Raised as an ally by your friendly neighbourhood Death knight (Dwism) (link)
Your request is my Post if it’s interesting enough (Digital Incorrectness) (link)
Ghoul School (Death & Decay) link)
“Social Innovation and Alliances” (Killing ’em Slowly)(link)

We’d like to welcome all of the new bloggers who introduced themselves on Blog Azeroth. This week we saw posts from:
– (death knights) Consider This
– (druids) QQ, Don’t Nerf Meh
– (Levelling a druid tank) A WoW Diary
– (hunters) On The Mark
– (general Wow) Mocking Blow
– (general WoW) The Throne room
– (cynicism) Nerf this!
– (WowDiary) Legend of Piket
– (general Wow) Kiss my Alas
– (Casual WoW) Herc the Merc
– (PVE content) World of Wipecraft
– (rogues) And Two Rogues
– (Fanfic) The Megadan Chronicles
– (alts) Singleboxing: One Account, Many Characters
– (druids) The Cognisance Council

Shared Topic This Week

Each week on BlogAzeroth a new topic is posted for general blogging. We encourage our listeners to post about that topic on their own blog and then post a link to it in the forum.

Shared Topic: suggested by Windsoar of Jaded Alt last week’s Shared Topic was all about the cities and towns of Azeroth, the good, the bad and the in-between. (link)

Next week…

Next week, we’re still on Tuesday. We’ll be talking with Cynwise (who is not a grrl) from Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual. See you then!

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

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