And The Counting Shall Be 2

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anniversary Wow. I still can’t believe that we are coming up on our 2 year anniversary of the first episode! I think that was also our shortest episode ever. Way back in 2008, Bre and I had this idea. How about we create a podcast that talks about the WoW blogosphere? We took it and.. well, a co-host change, new graphics, a live show, 80+ interviews, lots of round tables, sponsors, Blizzcon and an amazing amount of the best fans anyone could ever ask for.. 2 Years later.. We’re getting close to 100 episodes.. We’ve got our second Blizzcon (well, 3rd for Nib, 2nd for our meetup) coming up in October.. And every week we get bigger and better (ok.. we try NOT to get bigger.. but.. we like to talk.. 😛 ).

So, Thank you ALL for your continued support of our grand vision! We really mean it when we say we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. You make what we do worth it.

We want to do something really special for our next couple of episodes. I’d love to get some voicemails, mp3 files, even emails if that’s all you can do from you guys.  ALL of you! If you have a blog, podcast, twitter account or are just a listener (who doesn’t have a twitter account?!?). We’re looking for “shout outs” .. Let us know what TNB has meant to you. Make it as long as you’d like. Pimp your blog/show/twitter/facebook/whatever.. Let us know where you want TNB to go in the future! (Mars, Draenor, Abyssal Maw?)

Thank you all again for being the amazing community you are. We look forward to providing you another 2 years of the best news, views and voices from across the Internether! Don’t forget to come to our next couple LIVE shows (remember on our new Tuesday recording schedule!). You never know when we might give something away!

5 comments to And The Counting Shall Be 2

  • Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. Bre was my guild master and still is a very good friend and I know she was so excited when you guys started the podcast. Me, my husband and daughter often listen to the Twisted Nether. Nubuca has also been a wonderful co-host and you guys really bring some great info, fun and entertainment into our home, car, bathtub and wherever we are listening:)


  • Congratulations guys, and thanks for the great steady content. Often find myself thinking “oh snap” missed the recording again.

  • Congrats on 2 years! I really enjoy listening to your show. 🙂

  • Arthemystia

    It’s been fun with my occasional blog spot here, and getting to learn about the larger blogosphere that’s out there in the WoW community. Thanks, and grats on 2 years!

  • Rhodu

    Happy birthday if birthday is the right word.
    If not happy whatever it is.