Shared Topic: The Explorer's Task

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Last week’s Shared Topic took a number of bloggers to various hidden corners of Azeroth after Jaedia from The Lazy Sniper challenged the blogosphere to an Explorer’s Task.

Last night, I had an idea for a shared topic that is a little bit different to your usual shared topic. I’ve posted about it here if you’d like a little more detail, but basically, the idea is to take your character out into Azeroth and Outlands, pick a few zones to visit, take a few screenshots maybe, tell us how your character reacts to their surroundings, explore the little bits of lore. It’s really quite open to your own interpretation, but it is an invitation to get out there and write about what you see.

Sometimes when levelling, we bypass things, be it the fallen Old God in Darkshore, or just the Murlocs on the coast. How often do you stop to look around and think?

Participating were:

Poneria from Fel Concentration

Zalduun from Blessing of Fish

Jaedia from The Lazy Sniper

Windsoar from Jaded Alt

Angelya from Revive & Rejuvenate

Raven1981 from

Nenunial from The Rambling Draenai Death Knight

Anexxia from The Bible of Dreams

Lunaire from Lunaire’s World of Warcraft

This weeks we’re attacking the sometimes touchy topic of helping new players. Do you help new players? If so, how? Let us know by writing a blog about it and reporting back to the thread at Blog Azeroth!

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