Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Sephrenia of Guild Mum

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Welcome Sepherenia of Guild Mum to the Blogging Netherhood.

Sephrenia is a mother of two and a council member of a “late night guild that raids”. She takes her moniker of Guild Mum from the role she plays in the leadership of this late night crew. She is an avid pet collector. Finally, a quick glance at her blog roll tells me she has excellent taste!

While she’s still finding her blogging voice and focus, her current entries describing; her guild, her quests for new pets, WotLK emotes, the fire festival and herself are well written and articulate. I’m certain that whatever shape her blog takes in the future, it will continue to be an excellent read.

So welcome to the blog-o-sphere Sephrenia. May your readers be numerous and your typos be few.

Every Friday, the Twisted Nether Team has provided me (Auzara of Chick GM) with an opportunity to highlight a new blogger and welcome them to our blog-o-sphere. If you have a wonderful new blog I may have missed, please drop me a line at ChickGM at gmail dot com with a title of Welcome Wagon. I can’t promise to highlight them all but I’ll certainly try.

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  • Thanks very much for the warm welcome. One of our guildies recently introduced me to a number of blogs and I became an avid reader. I venture into the world of blogdom cautiously as I’m not a great theorycrafter, I don’t profess to be the best priest there is and I’m not a great guild leader. What I do well is communicate. My guild members are always talking to me – I spend more time chatting than I do playing most weeks. I wanted to share some of the amazing resources I’ve found during my web surfing and decided the best place to do it would be via a blog of my own. I hope you all enjoy reading my posts and sharing the joy I find in WOW and the community. Hugs, Seph