Shared Topic: What you need to know about [Class]

This week’s Shared Topic is brought to you by Aos of Flux and encourages blog authors to write a primer of things to know about their class. To quote the original post where he describes his idea:

It’s a conversation with you and someone who doesn’t want to know your class specifics. They just want […]

Shared Topic: Why do we WoW?

This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by BinaryMuse who found inspiration in Part Time Druid’s post, where he asked,

Why do we WoW?

Whether it’s a sense of accomplishment, the relationships we build, the challenges the game presents, what is it about WoW that keeps you logging back in? Tell us about it!

Previous […]

Shared Topic: My Last Five Hours in WoW

This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by Larisa of The Pink Pigtail Inn who found inspiration in a question posed by Matticus of World of Matticus where he asked:

Let’s hypothetically assume Blizzard goes out of business and decides to shut down their servers and WoW for good. You have 5 hours before the […]

Shared topic: Same title, new post

This week’s Shared Topic was drafted by Auzara of Chick GM and is entitled, Same Title, New Post. In her own words:

I was looking around and found Wow on the Mind’s post entitled: Nurturing Instinct and Improved Leader of the Pack

For some reason I had GMing on the mind and thought to myself: […]

Hello There and Shared Topic

Hi there! Some of you might know me as Phaelia of or as one of the moderators (read: deleter of gold spam messages!) for the Blog Azeroth forum community. Fim and Bre were kind enough to allow me posting privileges so that I could mention this week’s Shared Topic from Blog Azeroth. For […]