Shared Topic: What Kind of Class are You?

This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by Druid author Sydera of the World of Matticus and is entitled “What kind of class are you?” She suggests that authors create a multi-question quiz to determine what kind of <INSERT YOUR CLASS HERE> your visitors are! She’s even provided a sample question to help you get started:


Shared Topic: Can Another MMO Threaten WoW?

While Wrath of the Lich King apathy has certainly contributed to many guilds’ difficulties fielding numbers for TBC raid content, a second factor in raiding truancy is probably the recent release of Warhammer Online. Produced by Mythic Entertainment, Warhammer Online is probably a better contender for permanent customer theft than this year’s earlier release of […]

Shared Topic: Progression Speed

This week’s (belatedly announced) Shared Topic was suggested by Wildwynd of Rick’s Place and is entitled “Progression: When is Slow Too Slow?” Here are a few different suggestions for how you might approach this topic:

When does a guild’s lack of advancement make the feet of more progress-minded members start to itch? How can you […]

Shared Topic: Profession Additions

Blizzard tries to make each of the primary professions uniquely beneficial to the players who’ve opted to progress them. In Wrath of the Lich King, Tailors can look forward to unique patterns they can embroider onto cloaks and flying carpets; Blacksmiths can add new gem sockets to existing gear, and Leatherworkers will be able […]

Shared Topic: Casuals, Raiders, and PvPers

This week’s shared topic was suggested by 2nd Nin and is entitled “Casuals, Players, and Raiders.” Authors are encouraged to share their definitions of these three types player and their opinions on how they’ve evolved.

Some of the current contributors include:

Musings of a Raider Kagraa of Druid Team Casual Raid Leader Lethal Shots […]