Shared topic: Same title, new post

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This week’s Shared Topic was drafted by Auzara of Chick GM and is entitled, Same Title, New Post. In her own words:

I was looking around and found Wow on the Mind’s post entitled: Nurturing Instinct and Improved Leader of the Pack

For some reason I had GMing on the mind and thought to myself: "Oh cool he’s talking about different leadership styles. Turns out he’s talking about Druid talents.

So my idea is, go find a title from an another blog and (with the original Author’s permission, but not Matt’s, Matt’s blog is under an Uncopywrite) write a different topic, under the same heading.

For instance, you might take Leafshine’s recent post Warcraft Meets Tetris or Siha’s recent Anyone for Cards and write about what you spend your time doing during boring, repetitive, annoying Mount Hyjal trash waves. Or use Anna’s Herding Cats post as inspiration to share anecdotes of your all Feral Druid 5-Man team! Or you could rewrite Vonya’s post Quick Note from Ego to be about your ego telling you that you should totally ninja those bracers because that other Hunter with more DKP totally doesn’t deserve them. Or … something like that.

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