Shared Topic: What you need to know about [Class]

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This week’s Shared Topic is brought to you by Aos of Flux and encourages blog authors to write a primer of things to know about their class. To quote the original post where he describes his idea:

It’s a conversation with you and someone who doesn’t want to know your class specifics. They just want to know what they need to do when they are in a party or raid with you.

For example:

  • Tanks could highlight how easy or difficult they are to heal, how much initial or long term aggro they build, their essential specials abilities, or their tanking role.
  • Healers could highlight aggro dumping or lack of it, ability to deal with spike healing or overall healing and mana efficiency. Or anything else you value.
  • DPS could highlight aggro dumping, positioning, special abilities, or even how important their group buffs are.

It’s up to you.

Some of the current contributions include:

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