Episode 131 – Molsan Madness

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Molsan This week we welcome another podcast host, Molsan from the Molsan Method podcast. Molsan produces what some call a ‘mini-podcast’ generally clocking in at less than 10 miuntes. Can you imagine if TNB was less than 10 minutes? We also have the usual News, Views and Voices.


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Twisted News

Blizzcon Tickets first batch sold out! TNB has tickets and we WILL be there full force at Blizzcon.

Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature LINK

Professions Golbal Q&A LINK
Are there any plans to make Chaos Orbs BoA or even BoE? – Mommycow (NA/ANZ)
Yes! They will be unbound in a future patch.

Arena Pass Practice Phase is a GO!: LINK

3v3 Arena Matches – Tournament LINK

HOT Topics

Hydra’s Random Tip

Maelstrom Crystals should under $500 gold on your server. They may go up a bit because people will slow down queuing random dungeons. If you are interested in the Enchanting Lanterns crafted pets. Remember that they are different for Horde and Alliance so if you have a friend on the opposite faction have one made for you! Which is what I am doing.

Shared Topic This Week

This weeks topic was suggested by Gavendo of Rapid Fire and just happen to coincide with the Tier 12 release.

What do you think of the current or past gear available to your class and specifically the gear only available to your class (such as tier sets). Does it look fitting? Does it look sexy or down-right embarrassing?

List of new Sites on Blog Azeroth

– (Druid) State of WoW LINK
– (Paladin) Tales of Ancient Kings LINK

Coming Soon…

In TWO weeks is Episode 132 on May 21, 2011 with our guest Klepsacovic of Troll Racials are Overpowered. Visit us on the blog for further updates or on Twitter @TwistedNether.

To be included in our episodes send TNB your MP3′s (info@twistednether.net) or call into our hotline at 407-705-3161. We look forward to hearing from our fans.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

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