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Hello Everyone!  I’d like you to join me in welcoming Lunarsoul of WTS Heals.

Lunarsoul started playing WoW during the twilight of The Burning Crusade. While his original focus was in the ways of the arcane, it wasn’t long before the darker callings of priesthood caught his attention. Of course, after that it wasn’t long until he saw the light and decided to study in the ways of the holy. After seeing the PvP side of the game, Lunarsoul decided to see what PvE had to offer and raided his way through WotLK. He is currently still healing his way through Cataclysm!

Over at WTS Heals Lunarsoul explores a number of interesting topics, such as The Benefits of Gnome Racials and The Great Priest Mastery Debate. He also explores unleashing his inner shadow priest via smite and the different styles of healing disc priest might use in this tier of raid content. Lunarsoul helps you out by discussing way to maximize your mana as both Holy and Discipline.

My poor, neglected priest is floating somewhere around level 80 still, but I know that I’ll be in great shape when she starts to explore Cataclysm thanks to Lunarsoul’s insights! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to read more! Welcome to the blogosphere, Lunarsoul!


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