Shared Topic: Views on Your Class’ Gear

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So the one week where I’m totally on top of things, is the week where no one reported back to the Shared Topic thread. Yet, due to the timing of the thread, a lot of bloggers participated without even knowing. So I’m going to do something a little unconventional: I’m going to go through my blog list and draw out the recent posts that fit in with the Topic for your reading pleasure. That’s right: your reading pleasure is always on my mind.

So what is this brilliant Topic that had everyone writing without realizing that it was a Shared Topic?

Gear sets.

It was suggested by Gavendo of Rapid Fire and just happen to coincide with the Tier 12 release.

What do you think of the current or past gear available to your class and specifically the gear only available to your class (such as tier sets). Does it look fitting? Does it look sexy or down-right embarrassing?

For the purpose of this post, let’s include “how do you like your set bonuses?” into the topic.

So to find out more about your class sets, check out:

Mathew McCurley from WoW Insider (All Tier 12 Looks)
Michael Sacco from WoW Insider (All Set Tier 12 Bonuses)
Matt Low from WoW Insider (Healing)
Zinn from Jinxed Thoughts (Priest – Healing, Druid – Feral/Balance, Rogue, Paladin – Holy)
Fuzzmonkey from Cataclysmic Rambling (General)
Saniel from Primal Precision (Priest – Shadow, Druid – Feral)

Death Knight
Rades from Orcish Army Knife

Beruthiel from Falling Leaves and Wind (Resto)
Graylo from Gray Matter (Balance)
Sunnier from A Sunnier Bear (Feral)

Gavendo from Rapid Fire
Morynne from Marks 365
Frostheim from Warcraft Hunters Union

Rohan from Blessing of Kings
Temnyi from I Like Bubbles
Kurn from Kurn’s Corner (Holy)
Adgamorix from Divine Plea (Holy)

Oestrus from Stories of O (Healing)
Lunarsoul from WTS Heals (Healing)

Lodur from World of Matticus (Resto)
Josh Myers from WoW Insider (Enhancement)

Thisius from DoTs and ‘Locks

If your post on class gear sets (doesn’t have to be Tier 12 specific, as long as it’s about class gear sets and it’s recent) wasn’t mentioned here, leave a comment so that I can update my blog reader!

If you’re sad because you missed this week’s Topic, don’t worry! You can do next weeks! It’s even along the same lines: Class Theories. Either speculate about what the future could hold, or blog about your thoughts concerning what we know so far of Patch 4.2. Be sure to link back to the thread at Blog Azeroth for some TNB link love next Sunday.

And we’re once again on the hunt for new Topics. Is there something you’d like to see your fellow bloggers discuss? Let us know in the Shared Topics forum at Blog Azeroth.

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