Resource Site Spotlight – Boss Blueprint

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This site was suggested to me by Fimlys and I must say thank you, because this is such a geekishly cool site to play with even if you are not at the point in your Cataclysm raid career yet to fully take advantage of the functionality.

What Boss Blueprint allows you to do is create a boss strategy for any given Cataclysm raid boss by taking a top down screenshot of the bosses “room” and draw out a blueprint on the floor, marking movements, placements for every role, “bad” spots (don’t stand in the stupid!!), and all the icons are re-sizable and infinitely movable.

Once done, you can save your strategy blueprint and you will be given an HTML and BBCode embed code to put into an email or, better yet, post on your guilds website.

I have yet to set foot into a Cataclysm raid (an area of which I am not very pleased) and I still find myself geeking out over this site and the many ways to play with it! Shiny.

Please note, I have already specified I have not seen the inside of a single raid in Cata, but I am going to create a strategy to link here, I do not want to see any comments saying “YUR SUCH A NUB, that strat is worng, u’ll blow up yur raid w/ that…” If I do receive any of those comments, I will send an army of zombie rats to your house. You have been warned.

I mean it, I have an entire army of hungry zombie rats just itching to eat some WoW player brains. I very likely just drew a blueprint for certain doom and death, but I care not, it was just an example. Do not test me, these rats are hungry I tell you, hungry!



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