Episode 10-Never Enough Annas

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annorah4 This episode we have a sick Bre, how to keep your raid “mana” flowing, and one of the Annas…this one with a voice…

Twisted News

A tremendous amount of Beta information is out. And the balance game has already started! Official Lich calculators are being updated with recent changes to the talents.

Some of the new beta changes are:

  • All talent trees are available
    For hunters pet talent trees are available
    Hunters will no longer have to learn new skills from the wild.
    Mounts and pets will no longer take bag space, they will be learned like spells.
    Player Achievements
    increase in leveling speed between 60-70

Hot Topics from the Nether!

Feeding Your Raid Mana

Larisa from The Pink Pigtail Inn talks about How to “feed” your raids mana and how it can be drained.

Is Leveling Really a Grind?

Nibuca from Mystic Chicanery ponders with Lich coming out, why are so many people complaining about leveling again and calling it a grind.

Off the Well Worn Path…

Tenalts from World of Warcraft-Too Many Alts, talks about some of the quests some of you may not know about.

Dwarves Rule!

Aurik from Slash Hugs takes a different spin and this week’s shared topic and tell you what you all need to know about Dwarves! Amen brother!

Even Hackers have a Heart:

Think Hackers are the scum rotting in a sewer? Yes, so do we, but we have to give his guy an A for effort. Awlbiste from Awlbiste’s Thicket suffers a harrowing experience and then has a heart to heart with the bastard who hacked her account.

Blogger Tip of the Week:

Anna from Too Many Annas, give us a great blogger tip on how to choose (or not choose) a blog focus and name, inspired by a post written by Matt at World of Matticus

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Anna!

This week our Blog/Blogger of the week is Anna from Too Many Annas

From her “About” page:

My primary warcraft time is spent Alliance side on Feathermoon server (US), playing a Annorah, a Restoration Shaman (I play with all three specs at various times, and have raided with all three), Annalira, a Priest – currently discipline/PVP spec, Angoleth, a survival hunter, and Aelflaed, a holy paladin (she changes her mind regularly between holy and retribution). Right now my focus is definitely on the Shaman class, particularly as a healer, since that’s the role I find myself filling in 25 man content.

Join us next week, when we drag a Part Time Druid, to the show, offering him overtime!

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

11 comments to Episode 10-Never Enough Annas

  • That blogcast was populated by female voices…except Fim. o.O I notice very obscure and odd things…

  • Rynakor

    Great Podcast as always. We need some rogueness going on.


    Improved Podcast (5 ranks) – Reduces your Podcast time by 1/2/3/4/5 sec.

    Shock and Awe (5 ranks) – Blogcast listeners have a 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% chance to not be interrupted while listening to a Twisted Nether Blogcast…”

  • For the first time I’ve listened through ALL of the TN shows, when I was away for vacation for a week. It really made the journey very enjoyable, it was like being with friends, even though I really don’t know you.

    However this episode wasn’t online until I had gone. So I was pretty chocked to come back and realize MY little blog was mentioned in it!

    I just can’t believe it happened and I’m so excited and proud about it that you have absolutly no idea!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys just gave me a mana injection that will keep me blogging now for ages.

    If I’ll feel very brave (and figure out the technical stuff) I’ll send you a little intruduction piece that you’ve asked for. I’ll try not to sound like the Swedish Chef in The Muppet Show.

  • @Larisa (yes, no accent… ah well).. I’m glad you enjoyed all the shows. 🙂 The post we discussed really was an excellent post. We had a great time discussing it and appreciate your giving us content to put on the show! 😀

    Without you and all of our fellow bloggers there wouldn’t be a TNB. The content of the show is provided by you guys and gals. We just string it together and put it out in audio form. Thank you again for listening and contributing (either knowingly or not.. LOL)

  • I did it! Well, I didn’t record any sound clip (yet). But I did a little ranting post with a love rain falling over TN. Just in case you want to know.


  • Hey, I loved hearing the interview with Anna. Now I’m really interested in trying out some roleplaying… but I also liked the conversation about situational awareness. Great stuff!