TNB Needs You!

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Bloggers, your podcast needs you! TNB is in desperate need for audio clips to use during the show. If you would like to give us shout-outs to be aired on the show.

  • “Hi, This is <yourname> from <yourblog> and this is the Twisted Nether Blogcast”
  • “Hi, This is <yourname> from <yourblog> and you have been listening to the Twisted Nether Blogcast”
  • “This is <yourname> from <yourblog> and now for the Twisted News of the Week”
  • “This is <yourname> from <yourblog> and here are some Hot Topics from the Internether”
  • “This is <yourname> from <yourblog> and This weeks Twisted Blog is….”

You are welcome to mix them up a bit and “make em your own”.. Include your name and blog anywhere you’d like. As many or few as you want to record.

The format:

MP3 is best, but we will take .wav files. Do you need an app to record? We use audacity.

Please preface your .wav files with your name or blogname (your choice). Please include at minimum your name so we can archive it.

Where to send your files:

You can send your clips to fimlys at gmail dot com. Need help? Don’t be shy and drop us a line, we will be happy to help!

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