Downtime Round-up: 7/29/08

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dt_roundup Is it that time again! That’s right boys and girls, it is roundup time! We are excited to have PTD from Part Time Druid joining us as our Twisted Blog next episode. If there are any burning questions you would like to ask him, feel free to send them in! Here are a few posts you may have missed!

Hay to Munch on:

  • On Burnout. Even uber Vonya from Egotistical Priest isn’t immune to the ailment.
  • Haircut and Shave! Siha from Banana Shoulders provides a first hand look at the new Barber shops in “Itch”.
  • Polar Bear Form, OH! Phae offers a list of inscriptions druids can look forward to in “Itch”.
  • Healer Guilt Meter. Keredria from Tree for Life, offers a pictorial “guilt meter.”
  • Wanna Make Movies? Erunno from Erunno’s Thoughts offers a list of machinima basic add-ons to help you become next WoW Christpher Nolan.
  • Math and More Math. Zupa from Automagica offers great writing and a lot of math illustrating the virtues of improved frostbolt.

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