Episode 312 – Have Blizzcon? Will Travel!

Join us to celebrate TNBs return from Blizzcon. The favorite and the not so favorite views of the Twisted Nether crew, even Mini-Hydra! You even hear Hydra fail at podcasting when she puts on her Mom voice to send Mini-Hydra to bed.

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Episode 311 – Da Blizzcon

Blizzcon, Blizzcon, Blizzcon! Fimlys, Hydra, and Zabby talk about … you guessed it BLIZZCON!

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Episode 310 – Classic TNB

This we week to talk about Classic WoW. We waved our hands in the air on this release, we brought Jed from Jed’s Corner of WoW Shenanigans and his twitch channel to help us look back and forward.

Twisted Links

Zabby is now one organ down.

Raiding: Fim/Zabby guild is at 3 heroic bosses down. Hydra is going for another Heroic Queen Azshara kill.

Fim/Zabby have been leveling alts recently also.

WoW Classic with more Jed!

Holidays Coming up

Pirates’ Day 2019/09/19 – 2019/09/20 
Brewfest 2019/09/20 – 2019/10/06 

Episode 309 – A Vhye to a Kill

This episode we are joined by Vhye from guild <No Offence> on Area 52. We talk about the new patch 8.2 with special emphasis on the new raid.

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Episode 308 – Is it Summer yet?

This week we talk about Patch 8.2.. Eventually. We also talk about board games, our 11th anniversary and all sorts of random.

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