Blizzcon 2017 – TNB TShirt

5g3TD4nchrome_2017-09-30_13-59-23Blizzcon 2017 is around the corner and TNB has you covered for the most rad threads. Of course, we are talking about our new Blizzcon 2017 TShirt! Available now at . Don’t forget to represent at the Con Before the Storm party on Thursday, Nov 2 at the Hilton Anaheim. Our very own Fimlys will be on the Podcasting Q&A panel at 7pm PT.

Episode 283 – Approaching Argus

Argus_7.2_Trailer We talk about patch 7.3, Shadows of Argus.

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Episode 282 – Tomb Time

Rise-of-the-Tomb-Raider Hydra talks to much, Fimlys talks to little, and Zabby talks just right.

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Episode 281 – Joce Plays For Azeroth

170x170bb Jocelyn from For Azeroth! and The Angry Chicken joins us this week. You can also find more from here at

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Episode 280 – Nine (Nein!)

nein Join us as Fimlys, Hydra, and Zappy celebrate a twisted 9th Anniversary with drop in guests: Rilandune, Freckleface, Rewt, Stop, Rho, Jed and so much more. Cannot forget we have our special reading of Google Voice!

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