Episode 264 – Three To Legion

maxresdefault This show, with our new format, is a three amigos show. Fimlys, Hydra and Zabine talk about the pre-xpac invasions and quests and how they are getting ready for Legion! Don’t forget to check out the new Blog Azeroth and Twisted Nether Discord (links are bottom right of the sidebar on our site).

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Episode 263 – Half Twinked Out

twinkies It is official! Zabine (Zabby) is coming on board and we could not be happier! Our new co-host has been announced and since we have never interviewed her, (WHAT?) that’s what we do. We also talk about the pre-expansion patch and pre-launch events (a bit).

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Episode 262–Big Screen Round Table

Warcraft-Movie-Banner-01 A spoilerific Round Table with Fimlys, Hydra, Rilandune, and Zabine. We look at casting, characters, story line, the world building, music, and our impressions of the scenes from the movie.

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Episode 261 – Kickstart My Part(y)

cbts2016 This week we welcome Xia from The Sundering Podcast and one of the organizers of Con Before the Storm 2016, a Pre-Blizzcon Party. We talk about the Kickstarter and the party itself.

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Episode 260 – Hearthabout

cover170x170 This week we welcome Blisterguy, the creator of the Walk to Work Hearthstone podcast. We have a great discussion on Hearthcast, Magic: The Gathering (I know!) and just about everything else. Long interview but we could have kept talking to him for another couple of hours, I’m sure.

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