Shared Topic: LOL Things!

dragonray gave us this weeks (30th April – 6th May) shared topic:

So recently I have been levelling some alts – all different levels from about 30 upwards and I have been noticing cute or funny things which I have been screenshotting and videoing.

I know this is probably a topic that gets discussed often, but given that we are coming into a new xpac soon and with beta out, I thought I would be nice to reflect on the little touches we find in game that make it extra special.

As an example I saw a Goblin in winterspring called Barbie Cutesazz and I got a giggle out of it.

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TNB Live Saturday 4/28 – Redbeard

We are pleased to welcome Redbeard from Parallel Context. If you have any questions please make sure to send them in prior to showtime to or bring them to the chatroom!

  • When is it?: This live show is scheduled for Saturday, April 28th at 8pm PT (11pm ET). Not sure what time that is for you? Use this handy-dandy time converter!
  • Where do I go? To participate on the live show, you will need to go to the TNB Live Show page to connect with the stream. See, totally easy. If you are having issues then go to the Ustream page. Don’t forget to register/login to UStream so you can chat with us!
  • Some general ground rules:
    1. Be nice. If you say very inappropriate things be aware you will be kicked from the room. We are doing this to have a great time, come with a beer, come during a raid, come how you wish, just don’t come to cause trouble.
    2. You may ask questions to the participants during the show, but we reserve the right to use them if and when we can. We will be monitoring the chat room and if we can we will use the comments during the show. We love that you are with us, but we will have to weave them in. Even if it isn’t asked, we all appreciate your questions!

Outside of that, we will love to have you join us and partake in an enlightening discussion that is sure to follow! Hope to see you there!

Resource Site Spotlight – Undermine Journal Revisited

Back in Feb. of 2011 we featured The Undermine Journal as an RSS early in it’s lifespan. Since then The Undermine Journal has remained consistent but has become very feature rich and worth every second you spend reading the site.

There is a specific “Journal” for every realm including each faction and even spotlighting the neutral market!

The reason I’m re-RSS’ing this post is because Mists of Pandaria is nigh. Time to start building up that supply of gold to help you level your characters, level their professions, or whatever it is you crazy kids use in-game gold for these days.

Make some gold, send some to me on Emerald Dream (US) to say thank you, and the world will be a brighter place.

Oh! And they have an Addon too! The Undermine Journal Addon



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Shared Topic: Hardmode PvP

Nightwill gave us this past weeks shared topic:

Mathew McCurley ‏- @gomatgo asked on twitter about ideas for a question for The Queue and I came up with one and thinking about it I wanted to mention it here.

“Why not have ‘hardmode’ pvp matches? More difficult goals and the like you can sign up for?”

The more I think about it the more I want to know why not? “heroic” level PvP with an IL restriction? Have unique upgraded maps with cool mechanics that would really confuse someone new to pvp? You could resurrect the raid PvP of Alteric Valley. Have it take 2 hours and compensate equally with the faster matches. Bring up some more total war raid matches like a battle at sea or in the air.

It seems like such a simple idea that would make PvP far more deep and interesting than ‘oh damn WSG popped again for my random.’

Or am I just rambling away about something that wouldn’t ever work?

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Episode 165 – For the Lodur

lodur This week we welcome Lodur from World of Matticus, WoW Insider and For the Lore podcast. We also talk about the new Mobile Alerts features, Arena Pass and Soul of the Aspects pet.

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