Episode 208 – Contacting Karegina

This week Karegina from Ysera’s Daughter joins us as we hopefully pronounce everyone’s name correctly.. Or maybe not.And, LIVE on the show, she adds contact information to her blog.. Craziness! We also have more information on the location for the Blizzcon 2013 meetup/party and when the Siege of Orgrimmar wings open up.


Episode 207 – Early Saga

This week we are joined by Saga from Spellbound. When we recorded this it was after 5:30am her time, so we have to thank her for staying up ALL night just to talk to us.


Episode 206 – Ask Mr. Re-bot

A bit of a deviation from our normal interview when be bring back Zoopercat form Ask Mr. Robot to talk about all the new stuff they have added since we last talked to her and a bunch of stuff on Patch 5.4.


Episode 205 – Rezz Not Null

This week we welcome Rezznul from Red Noob Diaries. While being more active on twitter than on his blog, we discuss a lot about using twitter and adjusting your “voice” for your available time commitment.


Episode 204 – Nacho Hydra

We’re back from a rather extended summer break and rearing to go. This week we welcome Rho from Realm Maintenance and All things Azeroth back to the show. We spend the time talking quite a bit about the health of the WoW Podcasting Community including a few new podcasts you should check out and […]