Episode 203 – Around the Horn

It’s another Round Table! This time, we discuss patch 5.3. We know it’s been out for a while but that just gave our panelists more time to try all the things. We welcome Joe “Lodur” of WoW Insider, Raid Warning and InternetDragons.tv, Quori of Surviving WoW and Azeroth Pirate Radio and Jeni from Escapist […]

Episode 202 – Bloggers go Woosh!

This week we welcome Tzufit from Tree Heals go Woosh! In addition to talking about the different sounds that classes heals “make”, we also discussed the new Flex raiding tier in depth.


Episode 201 – Righteous Discourse

This week we welcome Rhidach from Righteous Defense. We have a great discussion that includes a quick history of the Paladin.


Episode 200 – Two Hundred and Five

It’s our 200th episode AND 5 Year Anniversary. Join us and a ton of past guests as we look back on a half-decade of TNB and 200 episodes. […]

Episode 199 – Main Podcast Tank

Episode 200 is almost here. This week for our 199th episode we welcome Dee from Main Floor Tank! We talk about role playing, fan-fiction and indexing.. Indexing? Listen and you’ll see.. Don’t forget to send email or call in your messages for our Episode 200 / 5 Year anniversary special on Sunday 5/26. Join […]