Episode 223 – Twisted Think Tank

This week we welcome Rem and Jules from Tauren Think Tank. We also talk about some of the additional changes coming in Warlords (so far).


Episode 222 – Garry Icecream

Fimlys and Hydra spend some quality time with the newly released Patch 6.0 notes. Fimlys also spends some time talking about Heroes of the Storm ( since he is in the Tech Alpha ) and Hydra discusses the killing, or well, defeating of Garrosh.


Episode 221 – Gnome But Deadly

This week we welcome Lumpen and Kimmi from Gnome’s Eye View and talk about podcasting from a “different perspective”


Episode 220 – Ray of Dragonshine

Yes, we were going to call this episode Icicles of Magepower but I wanted to point out in the title how great Dragonray from Azerothian Life was and how Bright and “Shiny” it felt to talk to her this week. Of course, it was 3pm on Monday afternoon when we talked to her compared […]

Episode 219 – Alternative Godmother

This week we welcome The Godmother from Alt:ernative Chat