Episode 253 – Shoryl You Jest

This week we welcome Shoryl from Dwarven District!


Episode 252 – We’ve Got Two Ys

Just Fimlys and Hydra this week. Enjoy as we talk about 6.2 and absolutely never go off on tangents ever. (Ok, maybe a couple of times. )


Episode 251 – Word World

This week we welcome Balkoth from Balkoth’s Word.


Episode 250 – Seven Year Twist

It’s our Seven year anniversary! We welcome

Rilandune from HotsCast, Geek or Die, Heroically Random and Lyrics Undercover. Zabine from Life in the Soul Well and now the voice of our new intro! Matticus from The Edge and Blizzard Watch Freckleface and Rewt from Hearthcast Adam from The Nexus, Geek or Die and The […]

Episode 249 – Shortability

This week we welcome Short from Ability Powered! We have a great talk about ability powered gamers and how she comes up with strategies to allow her to participate in this game we all love.