Episode 259 – Hearthstoning

This week we welcome David Troy from the NetFreaks podcast. We hang out and talk about Hearthstone!


Episode 258 – Running the Gamut

We are back from a long absence and welcome Zabine back to the show. While WoW is quiet we take the time to talk about all the other Blizzard games we are playing. Well, Hydra has been playing WoW at least.


Episode 257 – Blizzconadian

We are back from Blizzcon and it’s time for our Post Convention round table. This time we welcome Matticus from Blizzard Watch and Medros from All Things Azeroth


Episode 256 – Preconning

Our, now annual, pre-Blizzcon show. We are joined by Adam and Rilandune from many various and sundry D20 Podcasts to talk about Blizzcon and of course, Con Before the Storm!


Con Before The Storm details. LINK

Don’t need a ticket but you can let us know you are coming eventbrite.com LINK

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Episode 255 – Legion-dary Table

This week we welcome Shoryl from Dwarven District and Short from Ability Powered to talk with us about the upcoming WoW expansion pack, Legion. Not sure what the acronym will be for this one.. L? Leg?