Episode 281 – Joce Plays For Azeroth

Jocelyn from For Azeroth! and The Angry Chicken joins us this week. You can also find more from here at JocePlays.com.


Episode 280 – Nine (Nein!)

Join us as Fimlys, Hydra, and Zappy celebrate a twisted 9th Anniversary with drop in guests: Rilandune, Freckleface, Rewt, Stop, Rho, Jed and so much more. Cannot forget we have our special reading of Google Voice!


Twisted Nether’s 9th Anniversary Show – Help Wanted!

You read the title of the correctly. We at Twisted Nether Blogcast are having our 9th anniversary show on Friday, May 19th, 2017. This is a little earlier then our May 27th, 2008 anniversary date, but I am shocked (as you should be too) that we are doing this before and on time!

This is […]

Episode 279 – Measuring Your PVP-Ness

This week Zabby takes over! Join her along with Fimlys and Hydra to discuss what keeps us playing and also what keeps us from playing.


Episode 278 – Cave of Wonder

It’s time for another Twisted Nether Round Table and this one was a whole lot more twisted than usual. We welcome back Thorn and Thyst from the Lagging Balls podcast and Ceraphus from The Sundering. We talk about the 7.2 patch and the Con Before the Storm Kickstarter!